Linden Terminal, NJ

Modes InboundRail, Ship, Barge
Modes OutboundTruck, Pipeline, Ship, Barge
Railcar Capacity280 railcars
Tank Capacity550,000 barrels
Servicing RailroadsNorfolk Southern, CSX, Conrail
Barge Berth27' Draft, 405 ft in length
Vessel Berth36' MLW Draft, 715 ft in length
Terminal Features

Automated Truck Rack

Railcar Unloading

Barge Loading / Unloading

Vessel Unloading

Marine offloading and denaturing

Corrosion inhibitor additization

Marine Vapor Recovery (10,000 barrels per hour)

Unit train terminalling (80 railcar trains)

Automated card / key multi-lane high speed truck loading with customer allocation system

Dedicated / segregated storage and pipeline system

Inventory management with State of the Art Environmental Controls

Dual berth loading / unloading with multiple manifold configuration

Expandability to nearby terminals via pipeline connectivity

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