A Leader in Health, Safety & Environmental Protection

Safety is more important than ever — for companies whose products are shipped and for the company that ships them. Rigorous safety standards protect lives and property and help to reduce liability and insurance costs. No terminal and logistics company takes your safety more seriously than USDG.

We have an outstanding track record for safety. USDG has won numerous National Safety Council Safety Achievement Awards and was again recognized this year by the National Safety Council for its exceptional safety record in the workplace.

2016 was USDG’s 11th consecutive year with zero recordable injuries for any of its employees.

Additionally, we have received Stewardship Awards from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe for having zero incidents involving a hazardous spill or release during 2011 and 2012 and received the Safe Shipper Award from the Canadian Pacific for 2012 and 2014.

We are committed to the ongoing protection of human health, the environment and the conservation of valuable material and energy resources. We are also committed to utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and best practices to eliminate or minimize our environmental impact. We have developed a formal Safety Management System for each of our facilities. These systems define how safety matters are managed throughout our network, each stakeholder’s responsibilities, and the policies and procedures that will protect the safety of our employees and contractors. It is our intent to comply with and — to the extent possible — exceed all applicable Federal, State and local regulations. We continuously undertake comprehensive risk assessments of our operations in order to find areas for improvement. Additionally, we monitor safety and environmental compliance across our network by undergoing a full H.S.E. Compliance Audit each quarter.

National Safety Council
USDG is a proud member of the National Safety Council. The National Safety Council is the nation’s leading safety and health membership organization. The National Safety Council is a not-for profit, charitable, international public service organization dedicated to educating and influencing people to prevent accidental injuries and deaths.

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